Deloitte and Rona in partnership: Employee cybersecurity skills protect the entire organisation

Deloitte Finland and Rona Finland have joined forces to offer the Rona mobile application as a service for companies and public units. The application increases awareness of everyday cyber risks and provides guidance in the case of threats. In the background, it uses Deloitte’s global Cyber Intelligence Center (which is on call 24/7 for cyber threats) for the application’s content.

Deloitte is recognised as the global leader in providing cyber risk services. “Globally, we are 17 000 dedicated cyber professionals who are passionate about working with our clients to manage their cyber risks. Cyber is not limited to corporate companies, it impacts on us all. As we become more digi-native, our children and their grandparents are exposed, and we strongly believe in protecting our communities while also ensuring our clients operate responsible businesses. This is why we have partnered with Rona; together we have an opportunity to make an impact that matters across our communities and companies. Imagine if 10% of the Finnish population were more cyber aware than they are now?” summarises Karthi Pillay from Deloitte.

Within cybersecurity, there has been talk for several years about how human error is the biggest risk factor in corporate data leaks – unfortunately, this statement is still true. If an organisation’s technical control fails and a phishing message gets through the controls, an employee is often just a click away from causing a hack, which can result in high financial costs and reputational losses for organisations.

“The human variable is an increasingly important part of cyber/information security. Rona is committed to encouraging the user to act safer. The wider the user chain, the better we can defend against cyber threats, even as a nation”, says Lauri Haapamäki from Deloitte.

The Rona application is an easy-to-use tool and does not require the user to have previous knowledge of cybersecurity. Users can also send acknowledgments and questions using the same congested channel. Rona saves the entire organisation time and money when security is threatened. Users receive timely, tailor-made and reliable safety information and action prompts from their Rona application.

“We selected to partner with Deloitte Finland not only because of their superb cybersecurity offerings and team of talents, but also because of leadership commitment in creating a positive social impact. That is precisely what the Rona team is after”, says Željko Bošković, Chairperson of the Board, Rona Finland. 

The content within the collaborative application is powered by Deloitte’s Cyber ​​Intelligence Center, which is on call for cyber threats 24/7 around the world. Users will receive timely, tailored and reliable safety information and action prompts for their Rona application.

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Contact details:

Oskari Räisänen, co-founder, COO, Rona Finland Oy, 040 5890844,

Lauri Haapamäki, Senior Manager, Deloitte Finland, 0400 254059