Healthcare sector company Suomen Avustajapalvelut starts using Rona mobile application

Suomen Avustajapalvelut is taking Rona mobile application into use to strengthen the cybersecurity skills of their employees. The growing Finnish healthcare company connects disabled customers and care professionals.

Suomen Avustajapalvelut is known as the quality leader of personal assistance for the disabled throughout Finland. Their customers are the most satisfied in the industry: 100% of them feel that their right to self-determination is respected. Likewise, 100% of the customers are ready to recommend the service.

“High-quality operations require not only a good customer experience but also high-quality internal processes. A key part of this is a high level of information security, ”says Taneli Tenhovuori, founder of Suomen Avustajapalvelut.

“We want to spread security-related know-how to every level of our organization, which is why we have also embarked on this project,” Tenhovuori describes the implementation of the Rona mobile application.

Easy way to learn new skills among the daily job

In the personal care assistant work, it is important to pay special attention to protecting client’s private information from various security threats. Personal care assistants are involved in the client’s everyday life, and they don’t spend lots of time by laptop and email.

“The tips and advice sent by the Rona mobile application are an easy way to learn new things while working,” says Zeljko Bošković, Chairperson of the Board and co-founder of Rona Finland. The app users will receive content relevant for them based on the role within the company. Head office employees might face different kind of risks compared to those employees who mostly work at their customer’s home.

Data protection is a particularly topical issue within healthcare and social welfare sector

Rona is a quick way to communicate common security guidelines for the entire organization. On the other hand, building basic cybersecurity skills in itself helps to protect the information of customers, employees and employers.

“Within social and health care sector, data protection is now a particularly topical issue. It’s great that Rona can be involved in strengthening the skills of employees. In this way, we are building an even safer society together with our customers”, Bošković summarizes.

Rona solution is delivered to Suomen Avustajapalvelut in partnership with Deloitte Finland.

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